Welcome to Civitas 360 – the latest application where you can find the publications of Foundation University (FU). Civitas Magazine is the university’s online magazine made available for anyone to read. The latest news, upcoming events, captivating articles – it’s all here in Civitas Magazine and comes out on a quarterly basis. FU’s online student publications are located in Foundation Time, which offers a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction from our university’s talented community. Check out what our students have created so far! And in case you would like to walk down memory lane, FU’s annual yearbook comprised of successful graduates is available at Pillar (log in necessary). At Foundation University, we strive to create insightful, innovative, and inspiring content. We lay the groundwork of a strong foundation to hold our students up to prosperity. Our publications in Civitas 360 speak for themselves. Take a look for yourself and enjoy!